Dr. Rob Sanfilippo’s office has a new addition. It’s not a new employee, but a new piece of equipment. This new addition is called the “enPuls” and it is created by Zimmer MedizinSysteme. Please continue reading to learn more about how it works and how it may benefit you the next time you visit the office.

The enPuls is a device used for radial shockwave therapy. It consists of a hand piece, operated by your doctor, which contains an accelerated projectile. The projectile then creates a mechanical pressure wave, which is transferred to your body through an applicator head. This applicator radiates into your muscles and other tissue stimulating your body’s self-healing capacity.

Dr. Rob Sanfilippo | enPuls Technology

The energy that is being transferred from the machine to your tissue helps to trigger reactions that have a positive effect on a wide range of orthopedic and neurological conditions such as pes anserinus syndrome, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bursitis, and many more.

Dr. Rob is now among the many medical professionals (from all over the world) who have used this method with great success.

To learn more about enPuls technology you can visit Zimmer’s official website

Dr. Rob Sanfilippo