Success Stories

Dr Rob’s treatment helped relieve my chronic back pain and aided in my recovery from a rolled ankle. I would absolutely recommend Doc Rob to others and can’t imagine being able to be as active without this treatment.

– Constance Hall, patient

I am compelled to express my genuine gratitude regarding your diagnostic skill and subsequent chiropractic work you have done with me throughout the year. As you know, I came to you with pain radiating throughout my lower back, especially on my left side. I had been treated orthopedically for years prior with the identified problem as one which stemmed from the spine alone. Shortly after I came to your care, you realized that my left hip was a primary cause of pain and with this came my first opportunity to properly address the causal factors and begin the process of alleviating the pain and healing. If not for you, there is no telling how long I would have continue to suffer needlessly.

You have made a significant difference in my life. Your knowledge and skill is coupled by a genuine interest in your patients and this in total is what makes you categorically the best.

– Alex Lavinio, patient

Dr. Robert Sanfilippo is a fine chiropractor to whom over the course of the past six years I have referred many patients. He has treated many patients with cervical spine issues, as well as chronic back and shoulder pain. He has been of outstanding assistance to me and has delivered health care to my patients with grace and empathy.

– Michael J Bergstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Rob Sanfilippo